Human Being vs. Human Doing

As our President Elect makes putting everyone to work at any expense to the planet, progress or rationality, I am reminded that I am a human being and not a human doing.


A little more than a year ago, included in one of the poems being
written at the time, is a verse that conveys a question I had about the
subject of worth. After some reflection, what I realized is that
significance and worthiness are concepts that interfere with my
understanding of purpose.

Although our society and our physical needs require that people work or
labor in order to provide for themselves and one another, it is not the
work that has the significance. An epiphany of sorts was my realizing
that my purpose is not to work. The reason for my creation and subsequent survival
was never about having a job.

My purpose is to be exactly what I am best capable of being and making sure this being is
available when it matters.

This capability can and is often developed
through work, but work is the tool and not…

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