Put Some Clothes On

Nothing says rational, nothing says mature, adult behavior, nothing says integrity, nothing says cohesive principles and nothing says unambiguity like 100 adult women representating their message of respect for all women and “nature” naked to a major national political media event.

Because objectifying women’s bodies is completely reasonable when done by those who use their bodies to garner attention they could not otherwise influence through less “empowered” avenues.

Because it is perfectly undetstandable that nudity is acceptable when women choose to manipulate their environment to pay them heed no matter what anyone thinks or how it may offend or confound the public.

These women and those supporting their antics are a laughing stock, confirming yet again the irrational, immature impetuous character disorder of feminist ideology.

You are an embarrassment to women and all adults. Evidently, not all women of adult age have the requisite mental maturity to be considered adults.
Which makes this stunt that much more disturbing if even possible.

Go put your clothes on and act your age. Or, at least make an effort. Any one can get naked. It doesn’t require much thought. Be really shocking and try using logical argument to persuade instead of weilding your sexual organs as weapons.

And while you’re up, find a dictionary and look up the word “hypocrisy”. That’s you.