Goodbye, USA. Nice Knowing You.

Good job, feminists.

Welcome to the beginning of our end.

The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to include the provision requiring women to register in the 2017 Defense Bill. Congress is not expected to finalize the bill until this fall.
Although I do understand that it is indeed more fair that an involuntary draft be shared by both genders, I also know that it would have not been necessary if not for the women that insisted and continue to insist that women should be men. That women are, in fact, better at being men, than men.
Well, now that they’ve convinced the government I predict it will not go well the very first time women are required to show up after receiving their draft notice.
Either they will pitch a hissy fit and demand a reprieve, or they will go to war and everyone dies. Everyone they are encumbering on the front lines, that is.
This is just a quick rant. I’ll have to dive deeper in the next post.
God, we might be doomed. Thank a feminist.