We Make Our Bed to Lie In


Here, we don’t think it would happen to us.
We think we are immune from the savagery
of human desperation, human hate, human inhumanity.
How we even define these words: desperation, hate, inhumanity reflect our biased beliefs. These definitions contain nothing of what we have no experience. Not here.

So it is no wonder that we aren’t concerned about what we’re doing to our men. Beginning with our young sons, we have swallowed our good sense. We may one day choke on realizing that we didn’t fail our sons. No, we didn’t fail our brothers and our men. We failed everyone.

We failed our forebears and we failed future generations of people living free from tyranny, free from enslavement to others.

We will fail humanity if we do not acknowledge and end our campaign that may very well become our march to death.

When the very worst happens, when the borders are breeched, when the doors are broken down and the monstrosity of war invites itself to your family’s dinner table, you will understand.
Finally, you will understand that what we need, what all women need, is to live among men that are willing and eager to defend their people. If your children are yet grown, you will understand that what we need, what all of us need, are men that aren’t ‘nice’. We don’t need men that are sensitive, considerate of your needs or cooperative with our demands.
We never needed this.
When the world around goes dark with war, we will need what we have rejected and despised.
When my world is threatened, my home under siege, I want a killer. I want a bad man, a man that is vicious, violent and has blood lust to protect and defend his people, his family, his honor. We should have been raising our sons with both appreciation and respect for their natural aggressions and tendencies to fight. We should have been raising our daughters to keep their egos in under control and to be accountable for their relationships.

We needed to feed the egos of our men, not deprive and starve them by throwing a scrap when we could be bothered to care. We should have never believed the lies.
Instead, we raised our sons to play nice. We raised our sons to be mothers of the children we abandoned to pursue our selfish desires and petty wants. We don’t know what we want. We never considered the possibility that maybe we don’t always think rationally. We never considered for a moment that perhaps the problems we see are problems we created.

No, instead: We medicated our sons. We reduced them to commodities, disposable labor, cheap sex.
They become men that will turn and run away when the enemy is at the door. They still run faster than us, you know. We tried to bring them down to our size, to equalize the differences, and we succeeded in making them equally useless to defend us. The weak, the vulnerable, the very young and the very old have no one to champion them in the face of disaster.

This is our fault. This is the fault of women.
We said we can do anything a man can do. Some even insisted that we can do it better.
We swallowed that lie and we have poisoned the well that would have saved us.