Female Privilege

“You can’t win.”
A poignant observation by Janet Bloomfield @JudgyBitch in her post today that inspired me to rant some more about the hypocrisy of the feminist  perspective. Or, ‘female privilege’.

Most of us know at least one woman (but, let’s be honest, we know of many more or have been this woman, ourselves) that lose control when angry with a man and either physically attack him or scream within inches of his face, the type of woman that incites or all but begs for reciprocating violence. And any man that can resist defending himself from this kind of abuse would possess an extraordinary superhuman power of resolve. Yet, he can’t win. If a woman chooses, she can decide to be both the aggressor of violence AND the victim of the violence she deliberately provokes.

Women generally are less physically powerful than men (excepting individual physical limitations due to age, injury, or disability). The weapon we bring to a fight is our mouth.

Women develop a mastery of verbal assault and manipulation that is destructive to any relationship they use this weapon to fight a man-whether he is her mate or her son.

A woman will provoke or attenpt to provoke violence and then, to ensure that she ultimately wins  her battle,, she knows she will be able to convince law enforcement that she is the victim and have that man removed from his home or arrested.

She can’t lose. Unless, of course, she is dead. Some women play their game too close to the edge and do find themselves on the receiving side of a lethal response.
In my opinion, most men are valiant, not violent, except when provoked. If you provoke a man, you should be equally expect to bear the natural consequences.

But this brings us back to being an adult. Adults both understand and assume responsibility for the natural or logical consequences of their decisions and actions.

Unfortunately, our society is encouraging women to expect that they are not responsible for consequences of their decisions.

They are told that they have the “right” to say what they want however they want to say it, to be as sexually active and provocative as they want wherever they want and to do anything a man does but not anything they don’t want to do (a choice men aren’t given).
And to all that I say..more power to us.

The problem is that we aren’t being held responsible for the consequences of what we do when the results aren’t what we wanted.

It is this absence of balancing “equality” with personal accountability that is creating an insane belief of entitlement that argues from insanely contradictory positions of women being both equal adults and vulnerable children.
It must be one or the other.

Sure, go to a frat party and present yourself as a sexual goddess that is DTF. Get wasted on alcohol or ecstasy and when you begin to regain sobriety during the course of being trained by a half dozen drunk football players, you have a choice to either be an adult and take responsibility for the consequences of the choices you made that led to your miserable condition or you can choose to respond to the humilation you feel by pretending you are a child and blaming everything and everyone but yourself for what any person with common sense would have been capable of recognizing as an unacceptable risk.

And society will eagerly embrace your victimhood and will vilify anyone that suggests you had it coming.
Well, guess what? Fuck you. You had it coming.

To be equal requires bearing equal measure– both good and bad. We don’t get to cherry pick and demand that men need to change everything about themselves in order to accommodate women not having bad consequences they don’t want to be accountable for creating.

If a woman has the right to be sexually active GREAT. And when consequences of sexual activity include an unwanted pregnancy then she needs to be accountable for her part in allowing that to happen.

And if she was impregnated while engaging in sex with a man she had no reason to expect an 18+ year commitment from, she can be an adult and assume full responsibility for what she does with her body or she can act like a victim and make everyone else pay the consequence of her decisions.

We, and by “we” I mean we women who are not altogether, completely bat shit crazy (and any woman who still has estrogen and progesterone cycling up and down every month  probably has to accept this makes her a candidate for being at least a little bat shit  kooky, if not crazy.), really need to open our mouths and call bullshit on the women in our lives when they make these contradictory argunents or give irrational expkanations to justify the stupid choices they make or why consequences don’t apply to them.

Because the truth of the matter is it takes one to know one.
Men can suspect, but women *know* manipulation when they see it.

Just bitching about all those other women that I’m not like is not only useless, it proves the point that it is exactly what I’m like.

I have two adult daughters and they trust me to tell them the truth even when the truth isn’t unicorns and glitter fairies.

My eldest went to a party and drank until she was too intoxicated to manage herself or her surroundings and was molested by a guy who took the opportunity to feel up a hot girl that was too drunk to get away.

Was he a scumbag that I would happily crack across the kneecaps with a baseball bat given the chance? Probably.

Did I respond upon hearing about this by telling my daughter that she was a blameless victim of circumstance in a patriarchal oppressive society infested with rapists and thugs (men)?
No. I did not.

She was reminded of mommy’s definition of empowerment: Own your experience. No matter what it is, if you are an adult with self agency you are only as powerful as your willingness to be 100% accountable for owning your life.

This means never identifying as a victim that is controlled by what others do.

Others do what they do and I get to choose what I feel and do in response. No one makes us feel anything.

If my daughter doesn’t like the way it felt being physically  violated while she was too wasted to protect herself, she can choose not to contribute to the risk it will happen again by making better decisions that ensure she is able to manage herself and her environment and avoid asshats and humiliation. Lesson learned.

And, no, I’m not a cold hearted ignorant bitch. I’m experienced and I’m not afraid of being corrected when I’m wrong. Therefore, I learn and adjust.

But I am all but through being patient with the feminist agenda because it is threatening the future for my own children’s happiness and is encroaching dangerously close to my rights of free expression.

I hate (a word I use sparingly) bullies and as far as I am concerned, feminism is bully with a ‘B’.

And I am not afraid of them because they are completely, absolutely 100% full of their own shit.

6 thoughts on “Female Privilege

  1. Interesting, I will watch you. Two other guys and myself ran a web discussing such questions maybe 20 years ago when any debate was truly ugly. Women questioning feminism are desperately needed, good luck.


  2. I’ll chime in here:

    The real need is what you point out… To criminalize PROVOCATION.

    For instance, someone I know, when 12 ears old at summer camp, pulled out a knife on 3 fifteen year old boys. He was expelled. NEVER did the camp ask: what the hell did you do to a 12 year old, three of you, much older and bigger, to cause him to do this?

    Our society wants us to learn to be helpless… that’s why it adores feminization.


  3. Just look at the current reaction to the question posed to Donald Trump: “Would a woman be punished for having an abortion if abortion were illegal?”

    The entirety of the dialog is that women are not responsible for their choices whether that be getting pregnant or aborting said pregnancy; they are merely victims.


  4. We seem to be often writing about similar topics on our blogs each week … just from a separate male and female perspective. Good read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reading your post on virtue signalling, today, gave me real food for thought, so, I will probably follow up with a post. I put the kabosh on a comment I started writing to your article because of its length, so instead of claiming real estate on your blog I’ll just link back. Your content is consistently informative and inspires thought.

      Liked by 1 person

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