Another Feminist Rant


The title may be misleading. This is not another rant by a feminist. I’m ranting, again, about feminists. Because the old feminist behind the curtain is just chugging along, racking up as much damage as her old leathery ass can manage before she dies or gets stabbed by a crazy lesbian lover.

The feminist ideology that was born out of the university educated lesbian radicalism of the 60s and 70s is and always has been a utopian vision based on Marxist principles. Patriarchy is the feminist-speak for Marx’s Capitalism.

Radical feminsit ideology has no tolerance nor use for men that have dominant masculine tendencies towards being competitive, territorial, aggressive and sexually assertive. That would be any guy that likes playing sports to win, gets homicidally protective when his home, his family or his natior is threatened,or doesn’t put up with disrespect from anyone for too long. The guy that wants to be the best at something is the same guy this whack job ideology considers disposable. Given the opportunity, this type of radical would make certain that the only men that inhabited the planet were those proving themselves today to be perfect future workers of the collective: the feminist men, white knights and emasculated men of irrelevant sexual orientation.

Make no mistake about this: the feminist theory that is subtley shifting the social tides of opinion are worse than misandrists. Men are not in this context important enough to invest emotions like hate into. At best, they will tolerate boys that can be androgenized enough to not be problematic, but the rest are useless. If you don’t believe that, go read the books the radical feminists have written. It’s enlightening.
And even though young feminists today have been duped to believe those feminists don’t matter any more because their modern feminism is so much more reasonable and evolved, the truth is that those very same lesbian radical feminists are today in positions of influence and while young women who want to march for their right to be as sexually promiscuous as they are ‘entitled’ to be without having to be afraid they might be ‘raped’, those same old skool womyn are influencing social policy decisions. The media is a whore that will pander to whatever gets attention.

They do this by manipulating the younger generation (have you ever seen a university women’s studies class course syllabus?) to believe they should make lots of noise that gets the attention of the policy makers, the corporate sponsors, the institutions governed by politics sensitive to current social climate like universities, boards of education and local governments.

Once there is sufficient outrage, the agenda movers introduce solutions in the form of new policies and they file legal briefs with the courts to enact laws based on their legal theories.

Radicalism is free from the constraints of ethics and morality. It is the religion of ends justifying the means, even if they are violent means. Whatever it takes to meet the objective is acceptable and expected. To assume a feminist is not lying would be, logically speaking, a potential insult since lying is certainly a means of get what one wants.

First, they will suppress the freedom of self expression by controlling speech, print and film. The incubator is currently the internet. All the policing of the words people use and the hypersensitive response to everything as online violence and harassment and hate speech is clearing the path for the agenda pushers to introduce policies that seem to the majority of people who don’t know any better like the right thing to do.

People who aren’t nice shouldn’t say anything at all, anyway, right?

Catharine MacKinnon at Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA May 2006

One of these women is Catharine MacKinnon. You might not remember this old skool feminist, but Catharine can be given complete credit for single handedly creating the sexual harassment laws enacted in the 1970s. MacKinnon wrote the legal theory that she pushed and pushed to be reviewed and then when the perfect storm of circumstances presented themselves (were artificially constructed), she managed to successfully have that legal theory tested and approved by the courts.
In case you aren’t sure if MacKinnon did the world any favors, here is a quote of MacKinnon from the book “One Word”:

“The law of equality and the law of freedom of speech are on a
collision course in this country,”

And Katharine would know because she’s one of the attorneys who has been at the forefront of the anti-pornography movement. Think what you will of pornography, but the freedoms that currently protect it from being censored are exactly the same freedoms that Katharine MacKinnon’s feminist ideology intend to suppress because the freedom to express opposition is an obstacle to getting their way.

I could go on this train for an even more inconsiderate amount of reading space, so I’ll make myself stop and just say that I’m really fucking glad there are other women out there that smell the bull shit and understand the damage these fanatics are doing to our children and their future. Why can’t they just trundle off to their own island together and be gross where no one else has to be bothered so the women that aren’t crazy have a chance to correct what’s been whacked out of alignment, clean up the mess that we’ve made and start raising our children in a way that gives them a hopeful life to look forward to in a society that isn’t contaminated with mutants.

3 thoughts on “Another Feminist Rant

  1. Amen. I’m a guy – the patriarchy doesn’t exist. Trust me, we’re not that organised!

    Modern feminists talk about “the patriarchy” in the same way, say, white supremacists talk about the international Jewish conspiracy. It’s an intangible boogeyman you can’t exactly prove exists, and that lack of proof is used to somehow confirm its insidiousness.

    But who benefits from concept of “the patriarchy” the most? It’s not men!

    For all their hate for the patriarchy, modern feminist would be lost without it. It’s a handy scapegoat for when things don’t go your way, and an on-tap source of victimisation which is so empowering to modern feminists, who are constantly under attack from this infinitely powerful force. (Empowerment through victimisation is a female-specific privilege; men have never had this.)

    By having an intangible source of unlimited woe, coupled with the ability to be empowered by this woe, you can pretty much get away with anything.

    The patriarchy doesn’t exist…so it was necessary to create it (with apologies to Voltaire).

    (Man, I wish I had half privileges they claim the patriarchy gives me.)

    Feminists aren’t above claiming traditionalism (what they claim “the patriarchy” represents) when it suits them, either. Modern feminists still claim traditionalism when it suits them, of course (think of the employed women who still believe the man should always pay for the date, for example).

    Of course, they’ll still hastily add that, when called out on traditionalism that benefits them, the patriarchy made ’em do it (“Well, men earn more overall, so of course they should still pay!”) or that men love traditionalism so much they’re actually doing us a favour (“Aww, men like to feel like they’re providing for a woman! It makes them feel manly!”), as well as claiming empowerment through victimisation later (“He tried to buy his way into my pants with dinner!”)*

    What third-wave feminists want is “choice feminism”: where they can pick and choose which privileges (traditionalist, or progressive?), whenever they want, for whomever they.

    It’s also interesting to note that the patriarchy comes in handy for feminists, when it can be guilted, shamed, nagged, or threatened into heel.

    Whenever feminists feel they have problem, they never seem to solve it themselves: instead they nag (“raise awareness”), make it clear they’re a victim, and insist others solve it for them. Those “others” are invariably men.

    This is where modern feminism differs from the older versions: it’s not above reverting to medieval levels of women’s right if it means boys’ll do stuff for them.

    Modern feminism isn’t so much an evolution as a devolution.

    The anti-pornography movement is sadly hilarious, too. The sexual revolution was a hilarious case of not being careful what you wish for: the new (selective) puritanism an attempt at damage control, while not admitting to being the ones who cause the damage in the first place.

    I say *selective* puritanism because feminist’s are only scornful of all things sexual when men are involved; the feminine sides of sex are praised as the greatest thing on earth. Feminists will praise the prostitute as brave, independent, and the ultimate expression of femininity – yet the clients who see her are the saddest, creepiest, sleaziest exploiters on the planet.

    Feminists love pornography…when they’re the ones making it.

    Shaming men who consume it? That’s pure Victorian/Antebellum South-era sexual manipulation: the buxom young belle provoking men into compromise with batting eyelashes and innuendo, and the later claiming scandal and demanding he be punished.

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  2. The term ” women empowerment ” is so overused , it’s lost its meaning : Hey hubby , I gassed-up the truck … women empowerment ! ( sound familiar ?) . **bitches b cray-cray !!

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    1. women, in general, who have the good fortune to live freely in an economically & politically developed nation have been enjoying abundant power that entire populations of human beings in other parts of the world will never dream of experiencing. It’s a skipping record. It spins and spins, back to the same obsolete tunes of oppression, rights, empowerment, equality…been there, doing that, ladies. Wake up.


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