Choosing the Wrong Hill to Die On: Feminism In the Internet Weeds

Some Feminist Tactical Problems

1. The feminist agenda is a fight with a misidentified enemy. Men are not the enemy of feminism. White men are not the enemy of feminism. White privileged men are not the enemy of feminism. The enemy of feminism is within the body of constructs that is perceived. What is feminism? The answer is not definitively owned. Who are feminists? That answer, too, has no clear answer. Is equality for women the pursuit of feminism? If so, the means of attaining this equality and how to know it’s been reached are very unclear.
The ‘in the weeds’ tactics or operant behaviors of self-declared feminists includes demands upon others to change the words they use, to accept definitions as they decide, to silence voices in any volume or tone that do not follow the script that is approved and if you are a man in the discussion, be prepared to be met with immediate scrutiny and suspicion. These soldiers state that the target of their message should not be considered men, in general. Or white men specifically. They are not ant-man they proclaim. Their behavior says that they are. And meet the new bully, the face of abuse and narcissistic entitlement and rage—your post-millenial feminist quasi-gay/lesbian/transgender bodyguard (until the gay movement doesn’t need their help, (votes) anymore)

2. Hypocrisy. Some call it a double-bind. I call it self-absorbed magical thinking. Celebrities that are attractive females, and arguable, celebrity status is enjoyed from attractiveness being a first cause, cannot simultaneously solicit celebrity status using their sexual attractiveness in their ‘brand’ while also denouncing actions resulting from the sexual attraction others have for them. Male others, specifically.
Sex is either good enough to sell yourself on or it’s not what you will seek to be identified by. This equally applies to us garden variety females that want to enjoy the pleasurable feelings and benefits of attention and attraction by ‘owning’ their sexual power and expression thereof in speech and dress but then respond with indignant self righteous horror when this display of power results in responses they don’t approve. At least not when it is from some people. They approve if from others. That is the point. They believe themselves entitled to controlling both their expression and the response of others. This is a power trip, ladies, that is not rational. You *think* it sounds reasonable, but, in fact you are deluded by your own bias of wanting things your way that badly. In fact, you are now willing to compromise the right of others to free expression, the access to ideas different than your own and a commonly understand lingua fresca all in the name of getting your way. You want it all. You are not my representative because you are sounding more everday like the bullies and abusers you profess being victims to. You behave like assholes. You are dictatorial. You are being influenced by the radical agenda, and if you are not aware of the very real existence of the radical arm of gay rights feminism, (and they are indeed radical and hostile to hetero relationships) you are a shill. A very dangerous shill being used to parrot what you believe is getting you your way. It won’t. But, you’ll have more lesbian friends you can hang out with after all the men revolt against putting up with your crazy bat shit demands.

4, Going to war against men is a bad idea. Men are primed to win competitions. Women are primed to make competitions civilized. When a woman pits herself in a fight against a man, she is ultimately shocked when she faces a response that is brutal, vicious and cut-throat with a win at all costs bottom line. She expects him to fight fair and according to ‘her’ rules of civility. She brings her mouth to a fight and is outraged when he teeth are knocked out of her head by sucker punches to her feelings of safety and character. The fight was her decision. She declares a war against an enemy she doesn’t know and believes she is entitled to control. Smacks of that privileged entitlement we hear so much about white imperialist men and slave owners (white men). Ladies, you have not picked this battle wisely and you have chosen the wrong hill to die upon.
So, what’s more important to your agenda? Ultimately, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy. In this cluster fuck we have, today, online, you cannot have it both ways. You just can’t.

6 thoughts on “Choosing the Wrong Hill to Die On: Feminism In the Internet Weeds

  1. “She declares a war against an enemy she doesn’t know and believes she is entitled to control. Smacks of that privileged entitlement we hear so much about white imperialist men and slave owners (white men). ”

    …remember… those white women NEVER benefitted from colonial/imperialism… now did they…? Oh well, white men won’t carry the world’s guilt for ever. Soon, they may just plain ‘defect’.


    1. If you are asking my personal opinion instead of a rhetorical question, I would opine that behind every imperialist, colonist, monarchist, despot and every other power structure led by men were the women he was contractually or culturally bound to and those women no doubt provided more of what he needed when he provided more of what they desired. And all human beings are tainted by power. It is probably impossible for any person to responsibly wield any amount of power too long before they begin to abuse it. Power requires oversight. Men and women share in this vulnerability. Women unfortunately also are vulnerable to hormonal instability and emotional volatility that makes them additional vulnerable to acting unreasonably until they figure out they need to manage it or they pass the age of having children.


      1. No sane nation would agree to give that authority to a woman who isn’t over the age of 50 years old and in any case, whomever does hold that power, requires oversight because no one is immune to the corruptive seduction of power. Women, are, as I assert, additionally impaired when they are unwilling to recognize when their emotions have hijacked their ability to be rational.


  2. A frightening and very possible reality. The only thing worse than a confused woman is a woman confused with the belief she is a man. Women who attempt to out masculine men are not only inept by default but crazily pathological (violent, abusive & antisocial). But, they can be cunning and persuasive. Not good.


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