A Love Letter to Ron Maimon

Thank you for the most stimulating and satisfying 10 hours I have ever spent reading the internets.

I don’t know enough details about any of what I read to pitch an opinion, but I am sold on the methodology and I have brain love for you on principle, alone.

In fact, you are the meme of principle. Oh, baby, the way you talk Jesus, Nietzsche and Hitler into the same story made me giddy. And your epic thought bombs on the Feynman Lectures will probably be the death of me.

But, I just cannot stop.

Today, I’m just really grateful we occupy the same planet. I’m good with just that. That’s how deliciously perfect you are in principle. And, God knows, I am a soldier for a to die for principle. Ask any company that I have worked for. It may take a few seconds for the wincing to stop before they can answer.

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