Recognize the Face of Narcissistic Injury

Oh, cry us a river, Zoe Quinn. I know it won’t make any difference in your case, but, do know that there are people who are not as easily manipulated, who have no personal or political power agenda and have a solid grasp on where bias begins and ends. These are the people who will never co-sign bullshit like yours.

Your entire ‘brand’ is a confabulation. It’s a story you have contrived by cleverly going in the direction of whatever topic of social outrage is currently trending. You’ve managed to jump on several of those ships and have sailed them straight into where you are today. I’m standing on the shore of my own landscape and what I see as you pull in with this shipwreck of a tale is a very dangerous person. Your unchecked volatility and narcissistic rage make you, indeed, a danger to anyone who comes within proximate distance of your life style of deception and manipulation for personal satiation. You are addicted to your sense of entitlement.

You are the quintessential abuser. Do not reproduce more of whatever might be lurking in the shadows of your chromosomal soup that would continue the madness that is you.

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