Women in Uniform

If I were a man that was also a cop, I wouldn’t want a female partner. In fact, I would probably wonder if the higher up that assigned me a female partner was trying to do me in because, it seems to me that it would be especially dangerous being a police officer if you’re riding around with a female partner.

The reason I think this is because the uniform does not have sufficient powers of persuasion to manage a worst case scenario. For example, if I am a 6’3″ parolee looking at serving another 10 years if I get collared for the crime I’m committing, I am going to be inclined to say to myself “I don’t think I am going to let you arrest me, today.” when the cop that shows up is a woman. wmeninuniform

Adrenaline is flooding through my body and the only thing I am thinking is “I can take her.” And I would probably be right, except for that other cop–the male partner.

Unfortunately, because my first response is confidence that I can overpower the threat, I won’t hesitate to take violent measures. When that other cop shows up, he is going to be caught in the cross-hairs.

If the cop had not been female, I would have likely taken a moment to ask myself a few questions about the potential risk vs. reward. I might be in for a fight with a man. Not so, with a woman, I would assume. Even if she was, in all truth, a 99th degree black belt ninja warrior bad ass from hell, it won’t matter to me because all I know is you are a woman. I am much bigger and stronger and desperate than you and you are physically no match for me. I can take you. Whether or not that is in fact true is not relevant. Because the gears of violence are already set in motion.

I suspect that female cops provoke more violent encounters by virtue of their presence alone among the fence sitters–the perps that are willing to be violent to avoid arrest if they think they can get away with it.

This holds true to a factor of 10 for women serving in the military on the front lines, engaged in direct combat with the opposition. I imagine in some countries a man would rather gouge his own eyes out with a hot iron poker than surrender to a woman soldier. I’m going to go to any extreme possible to ensure that I am the winner of that fight, and I will die trying. And, so will anyone within 10 yard radius of her.

Ladies, do everyone a favor and stop your madness. You aren’t serving anyone’s interests but the one that belongs to your ego. That ego is going to get people killed, girl friend.


2 thoughts on “Women in Uniform

  1. I disagree somewhat with this.

    None of the physical disparity between men and women matters in the context of law enforcement (at least in the US) because officers are armed and ready to shoot anyone who makes them feel threatened.

    Guns pretty much level the playing field, so to speak.


    1. You are missing the point in that, true, once an encounter escalates to a level indicating the need to fire upon a person, all cops have guns and will use them. And, herein lies what I am contending: it is the hypothetical man as described making the immediate assessment that he can overpower any woman that CAUSES the escalation for the need to fire. And, this is why I indicate that her male officer partner is then drawn into the cross-fire. IF female cops made it there practice to move about with their weapon drawn at all times, I suppose that would mitigate the problem (unless our hypothetical criminal is also armed and willing to fire first, but this is not the thrust of the problem.) There are real physiological differences between the sexes that should not be viewed as causing one or the other to be inferior or superior. That is why in order to be a fire fighter one must demonstrate the ability to lift and pull an amount of weight that surpasses what the average woman who does not use anabolic steroids can achieve because of the physiological limitations to a woman’s upper body strength. Is this requirement unfairly discriminatory? Only if one is comfortable with knowing when their house is on fire that the fire fighters that show up to help may not be able to perform the task of putting the fire out because the equipment is too heavy.


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