Life After Silicon Valley

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After I left my position with VMWare, I was able to teach myself new things I hadn’t had an opportunity or incentive to try before.

I built these steps down to the San Lorenzo River. It took quite a bit longer than it probably could have been done, but, I did 80% of the work myself and it was July/August. So it was hot. Really hot. I don’t do so hot with hot.

So, I was able to do many things for the first time while working on this project. I excavated the dirt from the hillside, cut the railroad ties and rebar, calculated the step rise and run based on the length and grade of the hillside slope. I made many mistakes, suffered a thousand little bumps and bruises and a thousand more splinters.

I also had the satisfaction of seeing 1/3 of the final result submerged completely under water 5 months later when the heavy rains brought the San Lorenzo over its’ banks. The beach the steps lead to was gone, but the structure remained sound. I felt pretty good about that. The beach returned eventually, btw.

So, from software engineer to building landscape steps down a river path using what was laying around. Something of a leap.


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