Emotion is Not Crazy

So often I read comments or hear people state an opinion that suggests that responding to life’s circumstance and events in what they describe as an “emotional response” or “reacting emotionally” is an indication of a person that is of lesser intelligence or at the very least, not accepted as appropriate from what they would expect of a person with average or above average intelligence.

Let’s get something straight. One of the distinguishing features in what has evolved as the species homo sapien is the capacity to experience and express a complex body of emotion. In fact, emotion is so integral to that which sets human beings apart from other animals, it would be consistent to define humans as “emotional animals”.

For those among us that worship at the altar of reason and all that is rational in thought and deed, allow me to put you on notice that every instance of thought is married to an emotional component and vice versa. Emotion and thought are the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of the human brain’s cognitive landscape.

Our perceived experiences and subsequent responses to the stimuli received throughout our waking moments are a marriage dance between partners of emotion and conscious thought. One does not engage in rational thought independent of input and observation by the irrational part of the mind. It is a symbiotic relationship. Trying to divorce one’s self through characterizing thoughts and behaviors as either emotional or rational/reasonable is absurd.

If you can think it, you have felt it. If you feel an emotion, you have experienced a thought process associated with it, regardless of your being consciously aware of that enough to recognize the nature of what it entailed.

So, get off that high horse that condemns emotion as somehow inferior to what you consider rational and reasonable. It isn’t. It is an intrinsic component of a functional human brain. Deny your emotional nature, and you deny a core element of being human.

You *are* human, right? Are you really suggesting that it is better to transcend being human? Transcend to what? Is there some other life form that has evolved thus far to which it would be preferable to aspire? What unique combination or configuration of your genetic inheritance has outgrown the rest of humankind?

Nope. You’re a person, just like me and just like all the others that look just like us, for the most part, and act and react and think and feel and stumble and doubt and scramble for meaning and look for reasons to live and one day, up and die.

So, grab that big human brain of yours with both hands, take a generous step back and behold.

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