Face Palm to Republic “Christian” Politic Jockeys

I am embarrassed for you, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Jeb Bush and our Republican party majority.

Evidentially, you all failed to read your Bibles.

Please review: the circumstances of Jesus’ birth and refugee status as an infant as well as Christ’s command to take in “strangers”, to love our neighbors (even those we may not really like).

Got Faith? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Collosal F A I L.



The God of Beginnings and Transitions, Change and Time.


Notice, this is a two-faced ‘god’. There is some significance in that. Namely, transition and change are fraught with uncertainty, fear and loss, even when it turns out well.

I could not have faith in a god having two faces for what is already a challenging condition.

I will stick with the One I know (God, that is) as far as suffering the dark and often unwanted unknowns of life.