An Open Letter to Euro-Pro CEO, Mark Rosenzweig (aka Mark Rosen) from A Very Sad Woman

UPDATE 2016-03-14:

After posting on @SharkClean ‘s Twitter feed about my frustration and disappointment, I was contacted directly by one of their customer service representatives in SharkNinja’s Claims Department. After explaining my specific complaints about the Shark LiftAway model I have and also about the steam mop I purchased at the same time, she offered to accept my return of the product for Quality Assurance to inspect in exchange for my being sent their current model, the Power LiftAway, as well as their steam mop, all without charge.

So, this is what I intend to do:

When the return label is sent, I’ll ship the vacuum you see in the picture, below. After I receive the replacement, I’m going to give it a thorough work out of all its’ features and functions. Then, I’m going to sit down and write a comprehensive, 100% honest review of how the product worked, highlights of my experience with the design & features and if I would, based on this experience, return to the flock and take up the cause to promote SharkNinja products as I have previously or if I will remain as I am, now: vacuum challenged and putting pennies in a jar to save up for a Dyson.

Will let you know!

Executive Summary: A company product evangelist since 2007, I  now feel it is my responsibility to recant my praise and recall my recommendations.

Believe me when I say that I recognizefail-shark that writing letters about cleaning appliances to a company’s CEO and President just smacks of someone who is habitually disgruntled and unhappy, a person who probably complains about everything, always, and who has too much time on their hands (perhaps for their lack of having any friends willing to listen to their perpetual discontent.)

In response to possibly having my letter dismissed as being written with this potential case being true, I want to preface what follows with the assertion that I have never in my multiple decades, as a paying consumer of goods and services, ever felt compelled to take the time necessary to sit down and express in writing my experience with something I have purchased. In this case, I stopped everything I was doing because my Shark vacuum fell over into a cupboard and broke another dish. Enough.

Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)  is a reasonable principle. It reminds me that I am accountable for making as certain as I can that where I choose to spend my hard earned money  is worth the value, whether that be a car, an insurance policy, or a vacuum cleaner and steam mop.

As far as vacuum cleaners and steam mops went, I want you to know directly, that since 2008, I have been a die-hard, committed evangelist of Shark products. Having done my homework, tested the products, used the products extensively and compared the results to that of other products of every price range, I can tell you that a rare few people that I engaged with over the past 7 or more years were not subject to my enthusiastic praise and unhesitating recommendation of the Shark brand.

Alone, I probably generated at least a couple dozen sales by those acting on my dogged faith in the quality of your vacuum cleaners and steam mops.

But, I must insist you not thank me, yet, because, sadly, I now feel it is my responsibility to recant my praise and recall my recommendations.

Anyone who, upon my influence and persuasion, purchased a Lift-Away model within the previous two or two and a half years, of either the vacuum or the steam mop, has, I believe, been misled. My credibility in this case being completely lacking, I have been consoled, only by the fact that I have shared in the frustration and losses incurred while using these products.

Sir, what in God’s name were you thinking when the design was approved for manufacturing the Lift-Away Deluxe? It is immediately apparent that using this machine is worse than difficult, it is downright painful.

Do you have any idea how many bruises, skin abrasions and broken objects I have accumulated in this past year, alone, since the purchase and use of the Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe?

I am sure you do not. Because, if you did, the persons responsible for this abominable machine design would have been banished from ever being in a position to destroy the reputation of a company, again.

Suction, be damned, if the vacuum is designed to fall over with every move of the wand attachment.

As for the steam mop, I don’t even know where to begin. It never worked in the upright position and soon after its purchase, simply stopped working altogether. It caused more than its share of wasted hours and embarrassing moments trying to explain the problem to others who were promised altogether superior results.

The original Shark products I purchased and used repeatedly and in the most extreme conditions for a solid 5 years and that worked as well the day they were retired as the day they were received, earned my utmost respect and loyalty as a customer.

Then, after saving for months and excited about finally being able to upgrade to a newer model with all the attachments, pads, cleaners, you name it, I am now left with a vacuum that causes me to swear like a drunken sea merchant every time I have to use it (and I try so hard not to have to use it…which, is so so so sad in its own right.) and no steam cleaner, at all, which I have depended upon for years.

In fact, at the very moment of my writing this letter, I can see where the Navigator lay on its’ side, where I left it while trying to vacuum my bedroom. After first falling over into my shin bone for the zillioneth time, in my frustration and disappointment, I decided you deserved to have this letter written to you so you could participate in this small way in my experience.

And, sadly, I now have to consider sharing with others that I am no longer a convert, and can no longer advocate as I have for Shark.

In some strange way, this experience has caused me to lose something special–the ability to feel excited about stuff.

Thank you for your time. Please speak to the the people that designed the Lift-Away line. They kill happiness.


Disillusioned in the Santa Cruz Mountains  Portland, Oregon

20 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Euro-Pro CEO, Mark Rosenzweig (aka Mark Rosen) from A Very Sad Woman

  1. This design issue applies to SharkNinja blenders. Their non information on removing and cleaning the gasket n the blade assembly is a health hazard. There is black mold and food matter (possibly bacteria) growing that could be cause illness!!


  2. Hello Mark Rosen . I have seen your accomplishments with the shark company and want in. Even though I am 11 years old I have two sharks at home .I would like to meet you in person so we can create something better in the world with my mom.I’ve been working on something as we speak. Thank-you
    From Aidan


  3. Mr mark I bought a vacuum from you about a year ago, had problems with it. It took a month to get that resolved. Now I have another one/ the same kind.having the same problem again. I called and all I get is the same run around, same answers, supervisor never call back and this has been going on for a month again. I have had 2 of your vacuums in less then 2 years, my old Hoover vacuum lasted longer. I can’t get any help from anyone. I really would like to just get my money back, this is not a way to run a business. I’m disabled and my wife works so I try to do as much as I can to help her. Please help, thank you.


  4. I just ordered the Shark Rotator Rocket vacuum while watching the TV offer. This is the second time I have seen the offer and decided it looked like the size I wanted. I also liked the cost…..5 payments of 49.95 Canadian dollars. BUT WAIT, if I called in the certain amount of time Mr. Rosen would pay the first installment which left me to pay the remaining 4! SO, I called to order. However, I did not receive the ‘special’ that was offered. Despite explaining the 4 remaining installments of 49.95 as the commercial said, to the customer representative, she denied that that offer was available and today it was SIX payments, with 1 off making it FIVE installments all together! She was not at all interested in giving me the cost that was advertised. I call this ‘ FALSE ADVERTISING’. NOT ALLOWED MR. ROSEN!!


  5. I bought the shark Rocket Pro. It too does not stand up on its own. I have to empty it frequently. But I have to tell you it’s the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had and I love it. Maybe you should try the rocket.


  6. I purchased a Vacuum cleaner and your company is not honoring the warranty. So Mark, you don’t stand behind your product?


  7. I have a Shark Rocket and have long wanted to vent my frustration , with my dealings with. ustomer Service here in Melburne Australia. The plastic part that holds the dust ( the little lip that locks the release broke) . I rang Customer Service and spoke to a young guy, and all he could say was sorry its no longer under warranty ( cannot help you). Iam 75 years of age and a pensioner, and that vacuum cleaner cost me a lot of money, but did he care NO. So still I have no cleaner and they dont give a dam.
    And yes I am a disgruntled customer

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    1. Margaret, I can empathize with your frustration and disappointment.
      I rarely accept ‘no’ from a first line customer support staffer. If I am fairly certain of my position, I always insist on escalating to the next level of support until I have a conversation with someone who listens to my concern and can explain their reasoning or remedy my problem.


  8. My shark vaccum cleaner worked good for 2 months and then one of the wheels fell off. Called last of December 2016 and was told the part was ordered but on back order. Would be here in mid January 2017. Nothing called back it would be here in February, Called today now it will be here in March 2017. The woman was very rude. Someone like that should not be in customer service. I think that I will file a compliant with Wal Mart where I purchased the vaccum cleaner and file a bad report with
    the BBB.


    1. I know your frustration, I recently posted a note in regards to my Shark vaccum cleaner ( the plastic dust remover clips broke off) i am in Australia. After speaking to a rude male I rang again and spoke to a women who was quite helpfull but said vac could not be repaired ( as it was moulded) but I could purchase another one I paid $450 AUD 2 1/2 years ago not good enough, she gave an email address to complain CEOin NZ ( she did not even know his name) I have sent 2 emails NO REPLY. So much hype about thes cleaners. ut once anything goes wrong you cannot get help



  9. Hi I came across the site because I wanted to write a letter to the CEO of my Shark vacuum the hose on my vacuum has ripped why I don’t know its shouldn’t be it’s a fairly new vacuum and I’m so frustrated because I’ve went through several shark products it shouldn’t be as a fairly new vacuum and I’m so frustrated because I went through several shark products it shouldn’t be as a fairly new vacuum and I’m so frustrated because I’ve went through several shark products. I thought I had finally found the right item for my family, I really dislike hair I thought I had finally found the right back here because I have to pick and I really dislike hair I thought I had finally found the right talk to you because I have to pick and I really dislike hair I thought I had finally found the right back here because I have to pick and I really dislike here I thought I had finally found the right vacuum for my family, im hoping they send me a new one or give that would only be the right thing to do.


  10. I bought a hand vac in september it stop working in november i contacted your company and finally received a new charger march 15th the vaccum still does not work i called today and was told i need to purchase a battery that would cost me 48.oo. why should i pay for a part to put in a deflected vaccum. Why didn’t you just replace the vaccum?


  11. I’m been trying to purchase a ShartRocket Complete from the website and have actually placed the order twice. The order was accepted by my Credit card company, both times. Yet 3 days later the order was cancelled by SharkNinja, saying that they are unable to process the order. When calling the Customer Service Dept, I was told that they were cancelled because of an Address or Security code mismatch. In talking with the Credit card company, I was told that both orders hit their system and were Approved for processing and that if the Address or Security code were not correct the order would not have been accepted, but both were accepted. So I’m not sure what SharkNinja billing problems are.


    1. It could be that SharkNinja requires the billing and shipping to be identical. I’ve certainly had this issue with other vendors, previously.


  12. i would never recommend the shark products to anyone any longer, i called customer service regarding my true pet deluxe rocket and was very disappointed in the attitude of the young man in your customer service department. I have several issues with this vac model # hv322 40. first my true pet is about (3) yrs old looks still brand new as i only use it probably 12 xs per week, i also use a stick broom as i have a very small house and all wood floors except a few area rugs. Right after i bought the true pet the dust bin stopped latching so i called customer service and they did replace it to my surprise and i was thrilled as i did not nor do i now have $400.00 for a vac again. Then shortly after the (2) rubber washers in either end of the vac where it attaches to the rod keeps coming out, well i didnt want to be a pain so i am just careful as not to loose them; knowing the issue i look to make sure they are at least in the vac and i put them back on, this is how this vac seals properly so oh well i take care of that. Well now the hose inside the head where it allows the head to swivel just decided to break right in half, well now i do not have suction so i did call customer support oh what a mistake cause it just caused me to go livid and crazy and yes i said a few nasty things to this smartalecky young man. as he proceeded to tell me that i would just need to purchase a new head for only about $120.00, REALLY !!! after paying almost $400.00 for the vac now $120.00 for a part that should never have broken under even harsh conditions let alone a vac that is used as little as this one. I am very heartbroken and disgruntled that now i do not have a vac because shark products are apparently used with very poor quality materials and or this is a refurbished one. I will let everyone know i will get on social media etc etc etc… Shame on you Mr Mark Rosenzweig for getting on tv and promising and going on and on about durability and what have you. So next time you are doing an iframercial tell them about your unhappy customer cause every time i see you i will call the number and even if i have to leave a voicemail i will tell everyone know just how i was treated and what poor products and customer service that shark promotes
    it would be the professional thing to do to email me back, I am 62 yrs old and still have to go out and earn a living and this product costed me more than I have ever spent on vacs in my whole life…. SHAME SHAME SHAME !!!!


  13. I own a number of Shark products and about 15 months ago bought an ION Robot and LOVED it. Did a great job. Loved it so much bought a second on 3 months ago for the second floor of the house. Then the first one stopped working – something about a jammed roller brush. Followed all of their instructions and talked to a CS rep but it still stops after 5 or 10 minutes with the same error. I asked about repair but was told the company has NO REPAIR facilities. Mechanical devices are going to break. To add insult to injury their new model doesn’t clean anywhere near as well, get trapped under chairs, only makes it home to the charger about half the time. When I called customer service, they offered a discount coupon on the purchase of another, I told her I spent over $350 for the first one that lasted 14 or 15 months and then spent that much again for a newer product that doesn’t work as well, why would I consider spending any more on product the company won’t even fix. I’ve bought my LAST Shark product. I can’t even find an independent repair facility that works on the ION Robot. I never thought to ask if they repair their products – won’t make that mistake again.


  14. Have to agree with the original letter writer I am on my at least 8th shark vacuum I have pets so hair etc. I cannot understand how the design team works if anyone really vacuumed as a homeowner did, they would also be frustrated on how the unit tips when using the hose attachment I decided today to keep count how many times it tipped on an trip through my home -42 times ! The floor vacuuming is terrific also carpets. It’s trying to keep the unit upright when using the hose attachment that’s the issue I have also had things broken and my legs take a beating unless you hold unit down with your foot when using hose. Also when you need the light the most is when using the crevice tool in small dark areas that’s when the light goes off makes no sense like I said the design team obviously doesn’t do their own cleaning

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