If it Ain’t the Horse, It’s the Donkey

Always something, as my grandmother would say.

My “something” is a combination package of cluster headaches upwards of 5 or more, every day for the last couple of weeks wrapped in a poison oak rash that includes my face, most disruptively, my left eye. This eye being intermittent,y swollen shut or not, depending on who knows what.

I had managed to avoid poison oak and its’ wrath for the 30 or so years I have been on the west coast. Until now, that is. And, to my credit, I tried preventing contact with the vines that caused the rash I have, but, all those efforts be damned when the little dog that lives next door to the house I was clearing brush from, ran underneath and tripped me as I was raking up a huge pile of yard debris on to the tarp.

I fell face first into a mound of poison oak vines, thorny weed stems and crab grass. And, even then, I hustled as fast as I could to wash my skin with the soap I brought for this very purpose. It was too little, too late, I guess.
I console myself with the thought of it having been much much worse had I not done anything, at all. Admittedly, it’s a pretty small consolation.

As,for the headaches, what can I say? If you experience cluster headaches, you already know that words can’t do a description justice and if you never experienced them, there aren’t any words that would bring their description anywhere close to what they actually feel like. They defy language and its’ ability to represent the world as we experience it.

Cluster headaches, for what it’s worth, are also referred to as “suicide headaches“. I find that as apt a description as any I could come up with.


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