Maybe We Can Learn Something From This

Nesting goose without a mate is protected by a vigilant deer who takes it upon itself to block people and dogs from approaching the goose and her eggs.

How does this kind of relationship and sense of duty —by a prey animal, of an entirely different class, no less— take form?

What is happening, here, and what kind of communication channel exists that facilitates each of these animals to mutually understand and tolerate the other? What on earth would inspire a deer to put aside its’ own self preservation instincts for the sake of protecting a mother goose’s unhatched goslings? How would a deer know eggs have anything to do, at all, with future offspring, anyway?

An abandoned kitten cared for by a crow, that guards and feeds the kitten, as part of their impossibly improbable relationship.

Again, how does this happen? What is going on, here? Why can a crow care about the life of a kitten but two people with a difference of opinion can’t share the same planet with one another without a war? What gives?
There are hundreds of documented examples of unlikely bonds between animals: the baby hippo and the 130 year old tortoise, come to mind…

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