The ‘Noble’ Bird Breeders

greyssufferPardon my irrepressible need to rant.

Here are a few examples of bird breeder drivel–the verbiage used and arguments made to justify actions by positioning themselves with noble things, like preservation of life, love, and protecting the vulnerable (typing that made me gag):

Avicultural Society of America – Devoted to birds in aviaries & preserving species.

Gold Country Bird Society – Eldorado, CA club dedicated to the educating, care, breeding, conservation of exotic caged birds.

The fact is, that without captive breeding programs, many species of parrots would already be gone, for a multitude of reasons. The Spix Macaw is already gone, at least as a wild animal. The Al Wabra people, Loro Paraque, and a few others are desperately trying to save these birds. Without them, the Spix would be nothing but a fading memory already.

So, please — understand that without the very deep pockets of a private individual, who is spending millions to breed these birds, that at least one species would not exist today. We aren’t all some oil sheik with the incredibly deep pockets needed to take a stab at saving a species single handedly, but I’d be willing to be that many, many bird breeders out there are willing to give up a lot closer to everything to save their species than you might imagine.” Source: Comment to blog post

[Emphasis in bold, my own]

Oh, stop it. Seriously. Just stop it, already.

The implication that breeding efforts underway to preserve a species that are privately or otherwise funded *scientifically* led projects are in any way related to some middle-aged woman in the U.S. mid-west who just loves her birds so much that she just has to encourage them to mate so she can sell their offspring is so mind-bendingly asinine as to be offensive.

There is a profound difference between people who breed exotic birds for profit as hobbyists and educated groups of people led by best practice and scientific research who at least *attempt* to intelligently breed. Follow the money and the motivation.

One is exploiting what they confuse as love for profit or power and the other is exploring sacrifice of time and resource to ensure the basic survival of another living species. Hobbyist breeders cater to those who confuse love for personal desire.

Love is sacrifice. It’s a verb, an action word. It’s tough stuff with both humble and great rewards that are intimate and personal.

Desire is a carnal feeling of want. It is the lust of possessing something that someone derives pleasure from. It’s motivated by self satisfaction, not sacrifice. It’s not indicative of mature emotional development.

And it dances often and effortlessly with an accompanying ignorance that is stubbornly resistant to correction or the hard work of improvement. So, yeah, fuck breeders. I’m calling bullshit on your “noble” cause. Poseurs.