Will Work for a Miracle

No longer do I have difficult, pressing problems

They have been replaced by one, uninterrupted nightmare featuring every one of my most dreaded fears and with a star cast of skeletons unburied and dug out of long entombed closets I spent thousands of dollars, invested an untold amount of hours and formed a half dozen lakes from tears in therapy over the course of many years to be assured would remain forever sealed, never to haunt the halls of my liberated psyche, again.poltergeist-movie-17

I am reminded of a scene in the movie Poltergeist when all the caskets of the dead people unceremoniously paved over for urban development came popping up to the surface, through the rock and dirt and floor boards of the living room, letting the nice people that had nothing to  do with the terrible way they were treated know what to look forward to after several decades rotting under 6 feet of earth.

And even though I am aware that the solution to the circumstances I am facing right this moment is simple and direct, I am also aware that my being able to apply this solution is a far distant cry from being easy. So, I won’t bother asking anyone to give me money.

Instead, I am asking for a miracle.

If you or any of your friends happen to be God or even know God well enough to contact directly, I’d like to ask you to consider doing me a super huge favor by just getting the message out that whatever it is God (or You, if that’s who You happen to be) has taken me out to the woodshed for is understood as having must be pretty fucking bad but I know that I wouldn’t be out here unless God loved me. And since God already knows what the outcome will be, I won’t bother promising never to do, again, whatever it was that got me here, because, knowing me, it’s likely God knows that I won’t keep that promise. I have a bad habit of returning to my mistakes for second and third helpings. I think it has something to do with my navigational retardation and complete lack of any sense of direction.

I am in desperate need of a miracle.

For the record, I did try going the standard route of asking family for help. The answer I received to the request (which was only to have them call me) was being ‘unfriended’ on Facebook. So much for the Lifetime movie Blood is Thicker Via Social Media.

One thought on “Will Work for a Miracle

  1. E-L, I have been going back and reading most of your earlier posts. Is it possible and if you wish, might we communicate by email?


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