Into the Wilderness

Generally speaking, i look around and think I’m surrounded by mostly incomprehensible life forms. It isn’t the overt, pedestrian words and behaviors that confound me. It’s the current I sense flowing beneath those words and behaviors that I find off-putting. A fundamental disconnect exists between what the people I collide with believe they are and what they show themselves to be.

I can’t exclude myself from this observation. And, that is what is disturbing to me. I think I love this and that person. I think I am trust worthy. I think I am reasonable. Then, i realize I’ve said something intentionally hurtful to one of those people I think I love. I lie about something thinking it will engender greater trust with someone who has something I want, like a job or knowledge. I abandon logic for emotional black mail.

I recognize doing these things and I don’t want to, or, I think that’s the case. And, i notice others doings these things, yet, never have I known someone else acknowledge the incongruity. If anything, i experience watching a tremendous effort given to obfuscate and conceal or deny what is real.

I never did swallow the idea that belief manifests into some self-created reality. The Power of Attraction I consider perforated with semantic rabbit holes. What we believe and perceive may define our experience of reality but not the truth of it.

Truth is not malleable. Its fixed and rigid and eternal. Other truths come and accompany it, but, this is the nature of what is true: it is independent from everything else. When this then that. Every time. No matter what.


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