Is this going too far?

Embryo adoption.

Embryo donation is a great option for single women, and in couples
who need both sperm and an egg.

Here are the stats for some embryos available for adoption: There are three embryos created from the contributing constituents of the following ‘bio parents’. They are named:  Donor ID #DE1062

Female Male
Age 19 41
Ethnicity 50% Iraqi, 25% Hungarian, 25% Czech Irish, Russian
Height 5′ 5″ 6′ 3″
Weight 125 230
Skin Tone Olive Fair
Eye Color Brown Blue
Build Small N/A
Blood Group B+ A+
Education High school N/A

Will likely become beautiful babies if they are ever born..I mean, what does one say?

There are a few things that seem problematic, here, in theory and practice. I’m grateful not to have to make decisions about anything related to this, today.

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