Please use the contact information, below, or send information as a comment, here, and I will forward it. However it works for you, but, please, do look for sales of parrots of species names that are not so recognizable that turn up in the greater West Coast and Northern West Coast Region (spanning San Diego, CA to Washington State).

There is not much information to share and it is not known if the theft is connected with any of the established black market bird rings located in the surrounding region or what the people or person involved intends to do, at all.

What we do know, is that the lives of these parrots have been shattered. Many of them will likely perish and each and every one of them will continue to suffer for the greed, inhumanity and stupidity of a thief.

From Bob Dawson of the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary in Carnation, Washington:

2/23/2015 Bob Dawson’s Macaw Rescue & Sanctuary Carnation, Washington…/dozens-parrots-swiped-sanctu…/nkHX7/

Over the last couple of days, we have had a number of birds missing. I sadly suspect someone has come on to my property and taken the birds. I am asking for people to be on the lookout for parrots that may be put on craigslist or other sales sites. I won’t go into detail as to species but if anyone hears of birds being sold in the Seattle area please contact me. I have already spoken to law enforcement, but I need the avian communities help. I am sickened by the thought that someone would do this. PLEASE ALLOW ME TIME TO SORT THIS OUT , I will contact you if your trustees are part of this terrible act on the Sanctuary, we will contacting the news stations about this and we are installing looks and cameras as to help stop this , we live in a world I guess that we can not trust anyone and all I want to do is take care of these wonderful feathered friends! PLEASE SHARE

Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary
34032 NE Lake Joy Road Carnation WA 98014 US
Phone: +1.4259417543

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