F. N. A. Q.

Of the countless number of questions no one ever asks me, the question I am not asked the most is what is it like living in the Shed (TM). Well, I have some exciting news you won’t hear that provides further,  fabulous opportunities to anyone interested in not asking me questions. Soon, I will no longer be living in the Shed and will be returning to my old neighborhood, the Astro Van.
Since I was never asked how it was living in the Astro Van, the first time, the differences of how it will be this time around will be especially poignant when no one asks what it’s like, this second time.

Every single one of you who neither read my stories, here, nor respond to any of them with questions are appreciated just as much as all the people who hear my story in person and also don’t respond by asking questions, especially questions that reflect interest, genuine or otherwise,  in really understanding how it is to live in such unfathomable circumstances. I am truly grateful for the gift of insight this impressive display of apathy has afforded me.  And, don’t ever forget that, you!

I will be posting many stories for you not to read and I promise not to answer every question you don’t have.

Thanks, again, for not making this happen. I really could not do it without you!

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