Thinking About Truth

I was cogitating on what I understand as truth and this is my conclusion. Today. It will likely develop legs and morph into something altogether new and wonderful.

Truth is not relative. Truth does not vary in step with the context it is partnered with. Truth, in fact, exists in relation to nothing other than itself. It is recognized or not
and the cognitive means available to human minds require the association of what we attempt to understand with context. Our limitations include barriers of space and time.
Truth is not limited by such barriers.

The concept of what is ‘good’ often is confused to be what is experienced as pleasure, or when stretching further, is that which is absent suffering. If a thing is divorced entirely
from suffering, being either a cause or a consequence, it might be considered good. This is of course absurd.

The only plausible definition of what it means to be ‘good’ is if it is true. Truth IS good. Not as an adjective, describing truth. Good is the same as truth. Truth == Good.
If it falls short of either side of the equation, it is neither good nor true.

Pain is not good. Pain is not good because it is real. It exists as a reality. Reality, unlike truth, IS relative. Reality is not the same as truth. Reality != Truth. It is dependent on
the one that both experiences it and considers it. Truth is discoverable with reality, reality is irrelevant to truth. As with most everything else, Truth is indifferent or apathetic
towards circumstances of reality. It exists as something eternal and uninfluenced by anything except other truths. Truth is an existence entirely of its own and stirs only in response to
its own kind. Nothing moves the truth but truth.

Now, we might not like truth. We might deny there is such thing as truth or pretend it isn’t there, but truth doesn’t care what you believe or what you like.
In every question, action and choice there exists truth. Much of what we know and understand about any given truth is quite limited to what space and time permits us to
realize. Truth is therefore not so much as found or discovered. but revealed proportionate to what can be directly experienced.

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