Bella Needs a Stainless Steel Cage!

Who is Bella?20140626_163541_resized

This beautiful girl is a Green Wing Macaw rescue in foster care. Actually, Bella is in special needs foster care because she is one of the parrots in Mickaboo’s care that suffers an intractable and infectious avian illness that requires these birds to remain isolated from healthy flocks. Their cages and toys can never be shared or re-used with healthy birds nor can the foster home they currently live within safely house un-infected birds without risk of contagion.

Bella enjoys using her beak and she is so talented with it that she has a talent for removing paint from any painted cage, whether it is powder coat finished, brushed on or harder than stone. And since she is already managing illness and immuno-compromised, eating paint she chips off her enclosure is an added burden to her system she really cannot afford.

Unfortunately, she also cannot afford the cost of buying a stainless steel cage. This is the only type of cage construction that will keep her safe because the finish is not painted.

We need help to fund this investment. It will indeed be an investment because it will serve the needs of other sick birds that need designated living space that will not pose additional risks to their vulnerable lives.

A cage large enough for Bella will cost approximately $3,000 to $3,500. If money were not an object, ideally, she would enjoy the comfort of a cage that is very large and costs about $5,000. But, she is a humble girl and would be grateful to have the opportunity to live in a simple cage that supports her size. It is expensive, but these parrots are worth every penny.

I will be creating a donation page and kicking off a campaign to raise funds or even a donated cage within the next couple days. I hope it’s successful and that I can reach the people who can and will help as best they can.

The volunteer who has offered to provide this needed and critically important care and resource has sacrificed her personal interests and flock in order to give these parrots as much quality of life remaining in their lives. Some of those lives will not be long, while others will continue until they, too, will part ways with us. She loves each one that is taken into her flock of special birds and I remember each story of loss she has shared. But, she continues despite the grief and the hurt to give each bird comfort and medical supervision in addition to the excellent diets and enrichments all Mickaboo foster birds receive as a consequence of our volunteer base being afforded the most up to date education and resource into avian care.

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