Yahoo! Be Gone.

Yahoo Mail, what is wrong with you?

Earlier today, I attempted to register a new account. Actually, it’s an old account that Yahoo deactivated from inactivity, but, I can understand that, within reason.

Today, however, my attempt changed status to aborted attempt when I discovered that Yahoo requires what they describe as a ‘supported’ mobile phone number. “Supported”, in Yahoo speak, means that the user supplies a phone number that is serviced through one of the following vendors: ATT, BOOST, NEXTEL (including Sprint), SPRINT (including Sprint Re-sellers), T-MOBILE, US CELLULAR, VERIZON, and VIRGIN AND must be located in one of the countries listed on their support page.


This means that services such as Google Voice or Skype that provide VoIP services and phone numbers are not supported.

If your cell service is currently inactive, the supplied phone number will be useless until, once again, you can receive SMS or phone calls to have an access code for registering a new account.

If you happen to be living in a country Yahoo doesn’t support, too  bad.

Privacy? That’s not for the unwashed masses, apparently. The unwashed masses that are consumers of wireless plans with the corporate behemoths.

Really, Yahoo?

You recognize how absolutely tyrannical and elitist this new policy is, right? Surely, you are aware that this requirement fails on several points along its’ journey to future FAIL.

In fact, the problems are so blatantly in-our-face, that I am struggling with whether or not I want to invest any amount of my time and effort stating the obvious.

Here’s what I got for you, Yahoo: I won’t be giving you my mobile number that is associated to one of those ‘supported’ kinds you require. If you won’t accept my Skype number (which is my designated business contact phone number), then I won’t be needing your service. There are many other, superior options. In fact, your partnership with Mozilla has now ruined my long standing support (as a user, one-time, potential employee and by donation). I didn’t think Mozilla could dig themselves a much deeper hole after the adoption of their rapid release train model and UI copycat of Chrome. Now, it’s just ‘yuck’. And, let me tell you, Yahoo, I was a rabid evangelist for Mozilla’s Firefox (and Thunderbird and now sunset program, Sunbird), so, it was painful to accept what happened to this product. And, you, were the nail in the coffin.

So, in a word, be gone. I’m done with you. (Oh, and by the way, when you were still a pre-IPO, yours was the only email provider I would use. Then you began your corporate decline and I snatched some of your brilliant, unchallenged rock-stars for my team. You were foolish then, and nothing has changed. You’ve just managed to persuade Mozilla to drink your noxious Kool-aid. Good job.)

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