Getting Real About Keeping It That Way

An article I read on LinkedIn Pulse, today, reminded me of why I am so enamored with people of the Millennial generation.

Back Story

I’m a Gen X’er and mother of four kids that would, by virtue of being my progeny, be considered of the generation after mine (b.1986, 1988, 1990, 1994–I was reproductively precocious).

Their generation has been referred to as “Gen Y”, “Gen Y2K” & most commonly, it seems, now, as the “Millennial” generation.

Whatever you want to call them, I love them.

Not ALL of them..c’mon..but, more specifically, those who are entering the Wonderful World of Work. That’s work with a capital “W“–What puts the bread on the table and, if we’re lucky, will put butter on that bread.

And for many of these people, the “WWW” comes with a loud “WTF!” and this is what I think represents perfectly the magic of the new generation.

Wait..what? What magic?

These people are committed, no they are DEDICATED, to speaking their truth, speaking what they believe and speaking up when what they experience doesn’t align with what they believe is right.

For this they have been discounted and criticized for what many assume comes from their having a sense of unmerited entitlement.


That sound you hear, my older friends, is the sound of what we all think but were trained to never give any voice. Not one that could be heard, anyway.

Every single time I notice another Gen Whatever say or write something that makes old people cringe, I feel liberated.

And THAT is why I love you people that keep keeping it real! So get your WTF! on.



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