Before Spanking Syria, Mr. President…

In 1985, after another stand-off between officers of the Philadelphia Police Department and the West Philadelphia based MOVE organization, frustrated attempts to remove the residents from an occupied building coupled with the recent aftermath of the convictions of 9 MOVE members for the slaying of police officer,…, a police helicopter dropped two, one pound bombs on the targeted house located among the block of connected row homes in the West Philadelphia neighborhood. 11 people were killed by the ensuing fire, including four children, six adults and MOVE organization leader, … . 65 homes were consumed and destroyed.

This is what a related Wikipedia Article describes happened in 1986:

Mayor W. Wilson Goode soon appointed an investigative commission called the PSIC or MOVE commission. It issued its report on March 6, 1986. The report denounced the actions of the city government, stating that “Dropping a bomb on an occupied row house was unconscionable.”[15] No one from the city government was charged criminally.

An admitted unconscionable action, yet, no criminal indictments. Not a single person who was party to this unconscionable decision to drop bombs on a house occupied by children in a residential, urban neighborhood of connected row homes was held accountable for what they had done: destroying the homes and life long memories of 65 innocent families and the destroying, literally, the lives of 11 human beings-four of which, were only children.

Yet, the nation is overflowing with overpopulated prisons and jails filled with people branded as criminals for petty and victimless violations of law far and away from the moral deficiency required to be considered an unconscionable action. Yet, our president would like more Syrians to perish for killing civilians.

WTF is wrong with this picture? Please, before any more self righteous speeches about the inhumanity (which, indeed, it was) of Syria to drop bombs on civilians, could someone please remember to remove the plank from this government’s eye, first? It is *VERY* distracting.
How do people accept this as their reality then in the same breath demand obedience to governmental authority? What a disgusting legacy of irrationality.


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