School to hand out iPads to eighth-graders & A New Poll

Check out the perks of middle school in the 21st century tween twilight year:

via Education Digest, June 23, 2013: Summer classes offered to techies – Santa Cruz Sentinel.

When the 2013-14 school year begins this fall at Holy Cross Middle School..[ed. Santa Cruz, Ca.], the eighth-grade class will receive iPads to enhance their educational experience. The school has been working to develop an integrated curriculum that uses the high tech devices as a teaching tool in grades kindergarten through seventh-grade. In August, each eight-grader will receive an iPad to use as their own personal interactive technology based learning platform, said principal Michael Hooper.

Wow. I wish I was an eighth grader, again!


No, I don’t.


The idea of getting a new iPad had me there for a minute…until I remembered actually being in the eighth-grade .

Yeah. I don’t think having the entire Apple Computer company bestowed, itself, could secure a do over of that slice of rusty razor blade heaven. May the iForce be with you, kids.

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