10 Ways to Prevent Frustrating Delays To Resolving Alliance Partner Issues

Do these things to prevent untimely resolution of an alliance partner’s issue

  1. Submit all the criteria expected when creating a problem report and submitting it to an issue tracking system.
  2. Make sure you have an issue tracking system. Home grown is fine as long as it creates a unique identifier for each submission and keeps an accurate historical record that can be referred to later.
  3. Anticipate what information will be requested by the first person to respond.
  4. Begin securing resources or availability to resources when the problem report is submitted.
  5. Do not allow a problem report to sit in a ‘need info’ or ‘pending some information’ status. The goal is to have the status set to ‘assigned’ or some equivalent to it is receiving active attention from the right resources.
  6. Provide what is requested or required before critical windows of opportunity close.
  7. Don’t advocate for solutions to problems that have no value to your company in solving.
  8. Let the Partner know that they will be expected to participate in the process by providing access to whatever equipment, information, or testing is not otherwise available to your company in order to resolve their problem.
  9. Document a potentially escalating situation immediately. Notify the appropriate teams to create or update their problem watch list BEFORE there is a crisis.
  10. The expected response and status update requirements should be listed in a Service Level Agreement (Your company has these in place, right?). If they are not being met, make a push or notify the people who have the power to push.
  11. Keep all information and communication linked to the problem report. Keep this information organized. If not added to the problem report documentation, preserve its history. For example, send to an archived list and refer to the thread in the documentation or create an archive for this purpose.

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