Moratorium Leaves Birds Without Rescue

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue (Mickaboo)  has been forced to place an emergency moratorium on the intake of any new rescue or surrendered parrots and song birds.

AshburyWithout Mickaboo, these parrots and the many many birds abandoned, unwanted, neglected and abused in Northern and Central California will suffer. Sometimes, they will suffer to death.

Because of a number of recent expenses. including the boarding of several birds with veterinary offices and hospitals while securing foster placement and in addition to the ongoing cost of veterinary care for birds with injuries, chronic illnesses and other emergency medicine (averaging $25,000 each month!), the lost and unwanted parrots and songbird companions of Northern and Central California are without safe harbor until we can lift this moratorium.

The birds I’m referring to include the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill flock. When one of these cherry-headed conures is discovered injured or ill, Mickaboo volunteers ensure they receive prompt medical attention and if one of these parrots cannot be returned to the flock, a Mickaboo volunteer provides for their long term care, dispenses medicine and creates an environment that accommodates whatever disability or critical need that is necessary to allow them to live the remainder of their lives without suffering and with dignity.

Please help get the word out to anyone who cares about animal welfare. We must lift this moratorium and cannot hope to do this without a massive rally of support and promotion of the cause to as many potential supporters as possible.

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