Another message of appreciation

Another message of appreciation to the people giving their time and money to make this Go Fund Me campaign successful.

I thought today’s update should include something about why I am a part of this effort. It’s a bit long, so I understand if you just want to skim through it.

I don’t know Mel and Josh, personally. I have not met either of them or anyone in their family.

But, my daughter knows them and has loved them for several years and I not only love my daughter, I love the people who also love her. Mel and Josh have given only love to her and I suffer her loss.

Because of my obabymown experience with grief and the suffering it brings, I have learned that all suffering is personal. No one else can accompany us in it or share what we experience as suffering. Left on its own, suffering will devour all hope we have and without hope, the desire for life quickly fades.

I believe the only remedy to this lie in the determination of others to love us and share with us their own scars left from suffering.

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to others by sharing what is hurting us and showing each other our broken places is what can spark the tiny light of hope needed to find enough faith to carry us through to the other side of our grief and misery.

So, while I believe we are each consigned to walk alone through its’ fire, I also believe that we can walk beside one another and lend what comfort is possible to enable one another’s burden.

This is why every bit of relief you can give is not only for the one receiving it but for everyone who is walking near enough to see that tiny light of hope and find freedom from despair.

It might even be you or someone you love who finds hope, here. So, share, share, share this page and encourage others to walk with us, here. Every time someone gives, everyone is blessed with hope!


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