$25 Per Day Boarding Fee? For a Canary?!

3 inch canary

My comment on the Bay Area Bird Hospital “About” page.

May 16, 2013 at 5:56 am

Dr. Marucci, why does your hospital charge a $25 per day fee to board a canary?

Notwithstanding the fact that the canary also happens to have been taken to the BABH for treatment by a volunteer (and they are a scarce resource) run, non-profit, charity animal rescue that pays for its medical care.

Then, as with any other rescued bird that is released before the rescue organization can arrange for a volunteer to physically transport the bird from the hospital while arranging for another volunteer to foster and care for the bird, every day that goes by while securing these resources costs the rescue organization $25. For each bird. Even a 3″ tall canary.

It doesn’t seem quite right to me. Not only because of the money being taken from a rescue organization that provides the hospital considerable business and referrals, but the inequity of charging the same $25 for a 3″ canary that requires not much more than food and water and a 30″ Macaw that requires a list of things, is potentially disruptive and leaves a great big mess.

So, I am terribly curious what the logic behind this is and if you, personally, feel good about it.

Thanks for considering.

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